Happy New Year!

What's you plan for New Year's Eve?
Well, I'll spend it, as always, with my dog.
Under the sink.
That's where he goes out of fear for the fireworks.
Thanks for NOT using fireworks this year.


Wedding Invitations

Over the last few years, it just happened that I was asked to design quite a few wedding invitations, which it's ironic considering that I'm not exactly a marriage fan. All the same it was fun, challenging and definitely a reason for pride, for me to create them. So here we go:

Cathal and Brian

Michele and Lucia

Romina and Edoardo

Matteo and Alexandra

Giulia and Luca

 Antonio and Laura


I know, I know, it's too early for thinking about Christmas... or is it?

As always here my collection of Xmas Cards! 

Deal is that if you buy 5 or more, price goes down to €2 per card, otherwise the price is €2.75 (plus postage expenses, but that should't be too much anyway)

here the link to my Christmas cards:


to order please go to Contact Us


Prato Città Aperta 2018

Ecco le tavole con cui ho vinto il concorso "Prato Città Aperta". E' stata davvero una bella esperienza, soprattutto la premiazione di ieri, dove ho incontrato e ascoltato parlare persone con storie incredibili, bellissime e tristissime; persone che a mio avviso, vedono il mondo per il verso giusto.